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Where to Buy Yeezys In Australia

Where to Buy Yeezys In Australia - After Burn


Purchasing a pair of Yeezy in Australia is very difficult. Some of the prices online and within Australian consignment stores can be very expensive. Compared to the US market Yeezy tend to be more rare and difficult to get hold off. This is usually the case with US, European and online only released. Such as the examples listed here:

Luckily at After Burn due to our large trusted network of sellers worldwide, you are able to purchase them from our online store here in Australia. 


Yeezys can be purchased through the official adidas store here in Australia. The price shipped can range from $340 - $420. Due to the popularity, lining up on release day can take hours and even requires 'camping'. This still does not guarantee you copping a pair. Even when online 'raffle' systems are used and you are not guaranteed a pair. 


Yeezys can be purchased in Australia using ebay or Gumtree. Most of the time you will find Yeezys at a reasonable resale value. However these platforms will not offer an authenticity guarantee and can attract scammers who will send you fakes. This can make the process of purchasing Yeezys in Australia lengthly, costly and stressful. 


Resale platforms such as GOAT and STOCK X are based within the US. These platforms offer a huge variety of products which is great. The downsides to this is the extended wait times, purchases from these sites can take 3-5 at least. Prices can also become very expensive once you factor in the Shipping, Exchange rates, and GST. The Australian government charges 10% GST on all overseas purchases. Another downside to this is the no-exchange policy.

At After Burn we offer complimentary shipping and the process only takes 10 business days. We also offer exchanges as long as the $100 AUD fee is paid, this is to cover the cost of shipping and sourcing the products. Returns are also completely free ! 


After Burn is the first consignment store in Australia which offers a money back authenticity guarantee. We strive to ensure that all items are of the highest quality and standards. Our team is very customer orientated and will go above and beyond to ensure customers are happy . We always stock a vast range of sneakers, clothing and accessories to ensure that we always have something for you.


Purchasing yeezys from After Burn or the offical retail store is defiantly the safest and easiest method of securing a pair of the newest yeezys, especially for the Australian and New Zealand customer base.

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